Q&A consultation

You can contact us via phone number 39605 800 – 39694 148 or address 466 Hong Bang, Ward 16, District 11, HCMC for advice.

Yes, we provide shipping services within Ho Chi Minh City and to other cities.

We can produce orders according to customer requirements. Minimum quantity to order is 100kg.

We have production capacity up to 400 tons per month.

We have food safety certification for the plastic materials used in the production process. This ensures that our plastic products meet safety standards and are not harmful to human health.

We are a manufacturing partner for many different industries, including food, industrial, electronics, agriculture, seafood and many others.

Our company produces a wide range of diverse and useful household plastic products. Below are some household plastic products that we provide:
• Containers: Including food containers, personal belongings containers, toy containers, household items containers and many other types of containers.
• Multi-purpose bins: Provide multi-purpose bins to organize and store household items, such as clothes bins, cooking bins, tool bins, toy bins, and more other container.
• Tool boxes: Manufacture all kinds of plastic tool boxes to store, move and preserve industrial tools, garden tools, repair tools, and other household tools.
• Dipper buckets: Providing dipper buckets with different sizes and capacities, used for transportation, storage and use in activities such as agriculture, construction, households and industry. In addition, we also produce many other household plastic products such as food trays, chopsticks, baskets and other products serving daily household needs. Customers can learn more about our household plastic products at the household department on the company’s official website.

We offer a variety of product ordering methods to meet customer needs. Customers can order products online through e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, or on our official website. Through these online platforms, customers can easily search, view information and order our plastic products and plastic packaging.
In addition, if customers need to order products manufactured according to specific requirements, customers can contact us for direct advice and support. We will work with customers to clearly understand their requirements and design appropriate products, then order and produce according to their requirements.

In case the product does not meet the requirements, we are willing to return or compensate depending on each specific case. Please contact us to report the problem and we will help you resolve it quickly and effectively.

Currently, we only accept payment by cash or bank transfer. We will provide detailed payment information when you place an order.

We accept product orders in large quantities. With a monthly production capacity of up to 400 tons, we can meet the needs of our customers. Please contact us for further details and advice on bulk orders.

We can produce plastic products according to your own designs.

We can provide product samples to customers for large orders. Samples can be the same as required or nearly identical in material, style and product quality before ordering in bulk. Please contact us for more details and product sample requests.

We have wholesale pricing and special business partner policies. If you are a business partner and need to buy products in large quantities, please contact us for more information about pricing policies and business partner conditions.

We do use recycled plastic materials. If customers have special requirements for recycled plastic products, please contact us so we can advise and support.