Shopping bags


Function: Store clothes, items, gifts
Material: PE, HD, PP
Size: Customizable.
Thickness: 30 microns to 150 microns.
Color: Various colors
Features: Bags made from high-quality plastic pellets, durable, sturdy, printed according to preferences.
Packaging: Packages of 10kg, 25kg or as per request.


The Shopping bags by Tashing company is a popular plastic packaging product used in daily life. The bag is made from high-durability materials such as PE, HD, PP plastic, which are strong, resilient, and waterproof. It features a rectangular design with oval-shaped handles resembling Shopping bags at the mouth of the bag, making it easy to grip and carry.

Tashing’s Shopping bags Bag comes in various sizes and colors, suitable for a wide range of purposes. The bags are commonly used for storing items such as food, personal belongings, souvenirs, and are also utilized in service industries such as banking, supermarkets, and retail stores.

Advantages of Tashing’s Shopping bags Bag:

  • High durability and resilience
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to grip and carry
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Reasonable pricing

Applications of Tashing’s Shopping bags Bag:

  • Food storage: Ideal for storing food items such as snacks, fruits, vegetables, helping to preserve them better and prevent moisture, mold, and dirt.
  • Personal belongings: Suitable for storing personal items like clothes, shoes, cosmetics, keeping them organized and tidy.
  • Souvenir storage: Perfect for storing gifts, souvenirs, helping to preserve them and prevent damage.